Nemesis Game Preview

2013-01-21 06:08:05 by C01

Its been a while, but I'm glad to be back working with flash. I started college last fall, and its been one hell of a distraction. I really enjoy it, but the winter break gave me plenty of time to get back to work.

The game I've been working on was an old concept involving space marines. I redesigned just about everything, however, and finally fleshed it out. The game, which is now known as Nemesis, can be seen as the spiritual successor to Tankmen: Battle 3, due to similarities in gameplay mechanics, but I definitely feel this is a large step forward.

I've included screenshots of two of the levels. The game will be fairly lengthy, will include a survival mode, and have plenty of character customization. I am finalizing the game, and will give updates on a release date.
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

Thanks for reading, and a special shout out to the musician working for this game, Andre Boulard (NGXmusical). He is awesome, and I'm lucky to have found him. That is all for now!


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2013-01-21 12:18:02

Looks like a clone of Epic Duel by Artix entertainment (not complaining), hope you get front page so I don't accidentally skip over a game people put a lot of effort into.

C01 responds:

Me once being a fan of Artix Entertainment's games had an impact on my flash art. However, that is not what I go for, and I never played Epic Duel. It was more of where I'm coming from creatively at the moment; I've been playing a lot of Halo.


2013-01-21 12:34:10

please don't let the muzzle flash be permanent i could of blown though tankman battle three but i got a headache from the constant muzzle flash

C01 responds:

no comment


2013-01-21 13:03:03

thats gonna be FUCKING epic

C01 responds:

I..hope I can impress.


2013-01-22 14:08:57

Hm, could you add a system in which we chose the order in which we use skill before battle so that we won't need to click 1000 times?


2013-02-06 03:01:47


Looking forward for this game and thanks a lot for your warm kind words my friend:)

Glad to work on this project and I'm glad to hear that I've supported you:)