Nemesis Released!

2013-02-22 18:14:40 by C01

Go give it a shot here:

Feel free to send me any messages on what you think I could've done better, bugs, etc.


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2013-02-23 13:32:43

no more weapon flash
less repetivity


2013-02-23 14:15:06

There should be side-quests so we can get more EXP if we don't put enough points into certain stats.

Also, we should be given the ability to exit the "Player" section without having to go to the beginning or end of the pages.

Also, if we somehow manage to get 2 "double turns" in a row, shouldn't it be a triple turn?


2013-02-25 10:09:48

Have you ever played Sonny 2?
If you have played it you can understand what kind of games is it/
I don't want to insult you but all your games are very boring. Boring and straightforward.
Constant repeating of the same actions is not cool. This is really stupid.
I want more different weapons with different stats. I want more armors with not only cosmetic differences. I want two handed swords, axes, maces, hammers, halberds, shields, assault rifles and SMGs, shotguns, miniguns and missile launchers - just like in Warhammer 40k. I want a skill tree and a suitable plot.